Happiness at Tong Hong

I. Salary

1、Pay standard: in accordance with the salary standards and regulations implemented by the Government in the Autonomous Region, at present the Company’s basic salary for an ordinary work hours is set at 1,300 yuan/month (that may be reset in accordance with the Autonomous Region salary adjustment documents), overtime calculations are carried out in accordance with the Labor Contract Laws, and other treatments are subsidies.

Total salary = basic salary + post allowance + full attendance + overtime pay + professional allowance + job allowance

II.Union established by the Company

The Company began to establish the Union in July, 1994 as well as the Council of Trade Union. Each year, the Union has more than 20 condolences to employees, and has a deep understanding of the situation. In addition, the Union provides the information feedback to the Company’s leadership and wins the support of the employees. At present, there are more than 900 union members.

Company events or tours are held every two years by the Council of Trade Union.

III. Medical care and mutual help set up by the Company

In addition to maintaining social insurance for each employee, the Company also has a medical mutual fund and emergency fund to relieve the worries of each employee.

 1、Pay for medical leave:

  • Sick leave wages are calculated at 80% of the local minimum wage.
  • Hospitalization expenses are covered in medical insurance for staff

2、Non-work-related hospitalization and emergency and mutual help:

  • If employee is hospitalized (including non-work-related injuries), it shall be handled in accordance with the Company’s Measures for Hospitalization Mutual Aid Funds.
  • The emergency of employees’ families shall be handled in accordance with the Company’s Measures for Emergency Relief Funds.

IV.Consolation Money at the end of each year

Each year, the Company gives employees year-end condolences based on the profit of the year.

V.The Company has sports programs such as Culture and Sports Room and Basketball Court

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