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Tong Hong Tannery has the most complete wastewater treatment equipment, which can process about 4,500 tons of wastewater per month, the reuse rate of wastewater can reach 60%, and the treated water can be recycled in the leather process. Another 20% treated water is used in the factory’s artificial wetlands. In addition to planting a variety of local plants to improve the environment, it can be purified again before discharge.

Tong Hong Tannery discharges the water after the hazardous substances in the sewage being removed by wastewater treatment equipment, and cooperates with local companies to effectively use the sludge produced from wastewater treatment and safely apply it to small-scale construction projects, which helps Tong Hong become industry leader.

Product Description

Over the past few years, Tong Hong has continued to work with chemical companies that share the same philosophy of environmental protection, in which the biggest breakthrough has been the development of water-based PU products to replace the traditional oil-based PU products that require solvent production. When producing water-based PU, no hazardous gas posing a danger to the human body will be volatilized into the air, and it will create a better working environment. In the future, Tong Hong will also be committed to developing more water-based products, because we believe that water-based PU is the future of coated leather.

Corporate Responsibilities

Since its establishment in 1990, Tong Hong Tannery Group has been adhering to the philosophy of people-oriented and giving back to the society, and has long been committed to promoting its corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility, on the one hand, is to actively participate in social welfare undertakings, and on the other hand, it is to incorporate corporate ethics and to exert corporate ethics internally; externally, we must do our best to fulfill social responsibilities and present effective results combining management, environment and society. It is said that, what is taken from the society should be contributed to the society as well. Combining corporate social responsibility with business strategy can not only enable enterprises to handle the relationship with the government and society, but also help enterprises better enhance their competitiveness and make the enterprise last and longer.
Tong Hong Tannery has been specialized in the processing and manufacturing yellow cattle split leather, supplying finished leather of shoes and luggage leather of for 28 years. In order to improve the environment, it has spent 6 years to complete the water-based ecological laminating materials (no solvent type) in China, reducing the use of solvents, solving the problem of toxic and harmful components such as VOC, not only creating a safe working environment, but also producing environmentally friendly water-based ecological PU coated leather products. The product is an environmentally friendly product which does not cause pollution during the production process, as well as harmless to the human body. Additionally, it can be naturally degraded by the organism, which does not cause new pollution to the environment after degradation, and has been widely used in shoes. The production and processing of such leather products in shoes and bags have brought consumers a safe and environment-friendly experience and are favored by many international brands and consumers.

In order to implement corporate ethics, strengthen implementation and penetration of corporate culture among internal staffs, strictly stipulate the “to-do” and “not-to-do” guidelines for employees, and establish independent business supervision departments, senior executives should make themself examples, consistent in words and deeds and the decision-making of the board of directors is transparent so that employees can better understand the direction of business operations. Give regular feedback to the society and the community. In order to improve the working environment, improve the construction of garden factories and beautify the environment. The factory should be equipped with a medical office, a Culture and Sports room and a gym to care for the lives of employees. For employees in difficulties, the Company should provide solutions to employees’ problems the means of trade unions, medical care, emergency and other special channels, to encourage employees to focus on their job. Organize employees to participate in various training and upgrades to improve employees’ professional skills and literacy, and arrange employees to travel and get-together at intervals. At the same time, a publicity medium will be set up to inform the employees of policies of the government and notices of relevant departments. This will enhance the cohesiveness and sense of belonging of employees greatly, as well asthe employees’ engagement. In view of the harmony between the company and its employees, Tong Hong was awarded the title of “Harmonious Enterprise in Labor Relations” by the China Leather Industry Association and the Trade Union of Financial and Commercial Workers, Light Industry and Textile Worker, Tobacco Industry Workers in August, 2015.

In terms of public welfare, at the beginning of incorporation, the factory donated funds to build roads, bridges and street lighting projects in Hepu-Ganjiang section to provide convenience for local people to travel; to provide local villagers with funds for maintenance of water conservancy, village roads, and campus construction, etc. At the aspect of helping villagers, they purchased unsalable vegetables at decent prices, solving the practical difficulties of the villagers’ backlogging vegetables; in the case of natural disasters, Tong Hong tried its best and donated money to Hepu County to resist flood, as well as the Wenchuan earthquake and the floods in Taiwan Province, etc., and the cumulative donation amount reached more than 1 million yuan.

In provide financial assistance to students who cannot afford school, the Company set up the Hepu Lianzhou Middle School Hongzhi Aiding Fund to support excellent and students in character and learning with special difficulties in completing their studies; donated funds to the Taiwanese Migrant Workers’ Children School in Dongguan and the Grant-in-Aid Scholarship for Yunnan minority students as well as the poverty alleviation funds to schools around the factory. It has also contributed funds to constructing libraries and other education aids, etc., of which the accumulated donation amount reached more than 1 million yuan, improving the conditions for students in need to study, so that they can live without worries and concentrate on learning.

In the area of environmental protection and industrial hygiene, Mr. Shi Rongchuan, the chairman of the board, has always been at the forefront of the industry. He is currently a member of the Environmental Protection Self-regulatory Action Working Group in Tannery Industry and a member of Tannery Professional Committee of the China Leather Industry Association. Over the years, he has been committed to environmental protection and working with members of the Working Group and the committee members, calling on enterprises to take up social responsibilities, do a substantially good work regarding environmental protection, save energy and reduce carbon, in order to save the earth and for the next generation of mankind.

Chairman Shi believes that for renewal and development of the whole industry and to subvert the secular concept, it is necessary to do a substantially good work regarding environmental protection and three-wastes management, and implement energy conservation, emission reduction and consumption reduction to promote clean production. This is the key to shift from a traditional tannery enterprise to an ecological leather environment-friendly one. key. In addition, we should have a correct understanding, a long-term vision, and the will to invest. Tong Hong Group is doing this right now and has achieved very good results. The Group has spent more than CNY 40 million to build a professional independent sewage treatment plant, a butanone activated carbon air screening program, a water separation type exhaust gas treatment system, a boiler water sample soot screening program and a sulfur dioxide comprehensive screening program to make air emissions environmentally friendly. The sewage treatment system allows the wastewater to be decomposed and filtered through the biochemical pool to meet the state stipulated emission standards.

Chairman Shi also proposed that leather companies should strengthen exchanges and cooperation. A good competitive atmosphere is conducive to the common development and progress of the entire industry. A leather trader can promote the industry only if it is not self-interested. In addition, the development of the leather industry must be assisted with the cooperation and support of the academic community, and sufficient talents, to bring products to international standards and have a place in the international market. Leather companies can set up scholarships in relevant schools to encourage more outstanding students to work in the enterprise, or to cooperate with scientific research groups to work on projects.

In recent years, Tong Hong has sponsored graduate students of leather professional with excellent hands-on ability from the humanities and financial resources. Mr Shi, the chairman of the board of directors, led the technical backbone to teach the graduate students personally each year to complete the leather research projects. In addition to the “State Tannery Technology Research and Promotion Center” awarded by National Tanning Technology Research and Promotion Center, Mr. Shi Rongchuan, the chairman of the Company, was also awarded with the title of “Tannenic Gardener Award”, the special award for the tanning education, highly recognized by the national industry.

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