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Company Profile

■Corporate Purposes:

Customer First and Quality Supreme

■Corporate Mission:

Quality is the basis of survival, and cost is the source of development.

■The three concepts of the company:

1、Take care of the leather in every process

2、Concept of the main and supporting functions

3、Create core values

■The Company’s work objectives: promoting quality policy concept:quality control by each employee, quality first, producing customers, and consumer satisfaction products to create sustainable business opportunities.

■The pursuit of Tong Hong people:high quality, low cost, is the eternal pursuit of Tong Hong people.

■Tong Hong people’s requirements:diligent learning and regular training are the unremitting demands of Tong Hong people.

Business Philosophy

Company History

History of Beihai Tong Hong

1、In December, 1990, Beihai Tong Hong Tannery Co., Ltd. was incorporated, of which the joint venture shareholders were China KZ High Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing), Hepu County Tannery and Homeseeder International Enterprises Co., Ltd. (Taiwan, China). It processes and produces shoe upper leather of sneakers from imported yellow cattle split blue wet leather as a Sino-foreign joint venture processing trade enterprise. The Company has registered capital of US$ 1.1012 million and covers an area of 190 mu.

2、In December, 1991, the Company was officially put into operation, with an annual production capacity of 4.5 million square feet (420,000 square meters) of leather.

3、In 1994, Beihai Kerong Tannery Co., Ltd. was incorporated with a registered capital of US$ 1.62 million and an annual production capacity of 24 million square feet (2.23 million square meters) of leather, covering an area of 40 acres.

4、In 1993, it was awarded the title of “National Advanced Enterprise of Foreign-investment” by the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment.

5、In 1995, the Guangxi Provincial Government awarded the Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress, and the Bank of China, Guangxi Branch awarded the title of “AA Credit Enterprise” to the Company.

6、In 1997, the Company was awarded the title of “Enterprise with an Output Value of Over CNY 100 Million” and “Export Earnings Enterprise” by Beihai Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment.

7、In 1998, it was awarded the title of “Customs A-level Enterprise” by Beihai Customs.

8、In 2002, the Nanning Customs awarded the title of “Convenient Customs Clearance Enterprise” and the Beihai Municipal Government awarded the title of “Top Ten Export Enterprises” to the Company.

9、In 1994, the Company’s Council of Trade Union was established.

10、In 2001, the Company contributed CNY 260,000 to the Lianzhou Town Government to build the Hepu-Ganjiang Cement Highway.

11、In 2003, the Company contributed CNY 110,000 to the Street Light Management Office of the Construction Bureau to set up the streetlight project for the section from Baota to Jinshan Mountain Village in Lianzhou Town.

12、In 2002, the Company set up a disaster relief fund and a medical mutual aid fund so that the employees may apply for the fund subsidies in the case of emergency, illness, and hospitalization for non-work-related injuries.

13、In 2003, the Company established the “Kehong Hongzhi Student Grant” in Lianzhou Middle School of Hepu County. Each year, 20,000 yuan was granted to Lianzhou Middle School to help students with special difficulties and good academics successfully complete their studies.

14、In 2004, Beihai Kehong Tannery Co., Ltd. acquired and merged Beihai Kerong Tannery Co., Ltd., and the registered capital of Beihai Kehong Tannery Co., Ltd. increased to US$3.7721 million, and the designed production capacity increased to 100 million square feet (9.3 million square meters).

15、In 2007, 20 mu of land were acquired, and a new PU laminating workshop project was planned.

16、In 2008, the land acquisition was 23 mu, and a new living area for employees (including dormitory, dining hall, culture and sports room, etc.) was built.

17、In April, 2008, Dongguan Tong Hong Tannery moved to Kehong, and the two factories merged to one. The merged Beihai Kehong Tannery Co., Ltd. was renamed Beihai Tong Hong Tannery Co., Ltd. and the Company covers an area of 152 acres. The laminating workshop was officially put into operation in the second half of 2008.

18、In October, 2008, the Company increased its capital by 3 million US dollars, and the Company’s registered capital increased to 6.74121 million US dollars.

19、In 1994, the Company acquired 7 mu of land to build a sewage treatment system project. In 1998, 2001, 2004, 2008 and 2015, the Company has invested more than 40 million yuan to expand the technical capacity of sewage treatment system, distillate chromium sewage, and improve deep-treatment pollution, etc., and to construct a wetland purification treatment project covering an area of about 5 acres; currently the sewage station covers an area of 22 mu, and the daily processing capacity is increased from 3,500 tons to 4,500 tons, COD reduced from 300 to 80; and installed with the networked wastewater online monitor of the state environmental protection system.

20、In 2010, the Company passed the environmental protection verification of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and was announced as a tannery enterprise that meets the standards.

21、In January, 2011, it passed the clean production audit and acceptance organized by Environmental Protection Department of Guangxi; in March, 2011, it passed the annual tracking audit of TUV Rheinland ISO14001:2004 management system; in August, 2011, it passed the logo of ecological leather of China Leather Industry Association. The certification audit has been awarded to us for the qualification certificate of the logo of “Genuine Leather and Eco Leather”. In December 2011, the Company won the golden medal for the LWG environmental audit;

22、In May, 2012, our company registered the trademark of “Huanzhen” for the processing and sales of leather.

23、In January, 2015, the Department of Commerce of Guangxi awarded the “Outstanding Contribution Enterprise” of Guangxi Foreign Trade to the Company in 2014.

24、In August, 2015, it was awarded the First Prize of “Leather Industry Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Environmental Innovation Award” and “Harmonious Enterprise in Labor Relations” by the China Leather Industry Association and the Trade Union of Financial and Commercial Workers, Light Industry and Textile Worker, Tobacco Industry Workers.

25、In May, 2016, the Company was awarded the title of “National Advanced-performance Enterprise in Light Industry” by the China National Light Industry Council.

26、In October, 2016, the National Leather and Footwear Industry Productivity Promotion Center and the National Research Center of Leather and Leather Products Engineering Technology awarded the title of “China’s leather and footwear industry technology demonstration enterprise”.

27、In April, 2017, it was awarded the “National May 1st Labor Award” by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

28、In July, 2017, it was awarded the “China Good Technology” by the China Productivity Promotion Association.

Business Organization

R&D and Innovatio

1. Continuously work to build the most complete leather service in the world.

2.Support our customers with fast, efficient customer service.

3.Develop affordable & eco-friendly products that can replace expensive full grain leathers.

4.Change the stereotypical viewpoint of the leather industry by leading to implement innovative environmental protections.  Tong Hong focuses on energy conservation, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and preventing pollution from dirtying your water and air supply.

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